Personal Injury Solicitors Nottingham are your local personal injury solicitors in Nottingham and Nottinghamshire.

We cover everything related to claiming compensation.

You need a team like us in your moment of need.



Our service is no win no fee.

This means that you can never lose money when we mount a persuasive compensation claim on your behalf – you can only benefit.


But how can this be possible? How do you get paid?

The only way you ever have to pay us is if we win money for you.

The defending (losing) side will pay for our legal fees (our time) that we spent on the case and you will pay us a small ‘winners fee’, aka a percentage of the compensation we claim. As a result, you never ‘lose’ money with us and only pay when we win you money.


We always go for the maximum.

On top of that, we always go for the maximum amount of compensation we can get for you.

In our opinion, a lot of the time, the damage you sustain is difficult to be quantified in monetary terms, especially if you have suffered mentally/psychologically/or physically life-changing circumstances.

This means that we feel we might never be able to ‘cure’ the damage – so we have no problem going for the most amount of money that would be deemed suitable within the context.


We have years of winning experience

It’s no good going to a firm that doesn’t have a track record of successfully winning cases. Our dedicated team of no win no fee solicitors have a track record of hundreds of successful claims, amounting to millions of pounds in compensation.

We’ve dealt in all aspects of personal injury. Whether you were injured during employment, in a clinical negligence case, on the road, in public and so on – we will have been involved in a case like yours and won compensation.


Because winning isn’t easy for every no win no fee solicitor…

It can seem like an ‘easy win’ when you approach us with your seemingly fool proof evidence and witnesses.

In reality, the losing side does not want to pay you money, even if they know they are in the wrong. This means that even the most clear cut cases are not going to be won easily.

In return, this means that having a team of solicitors that aren’t well versed in compensation claim could quite quickly turn into a lost case and no chance of you ever getting the compensation you deserve.


This is where we come in.

Tell us your problem and we will have similar cases we’ve already won with the amount we’ve compensated ready to show you.

You need a team with proven experience in winning cases to give you that edge to give yourself the best chance possible in winning your compensation.

Obviously every case is slightly different, but rest assured, as you’re out partners in this compensation claim, we will be doing everything possible to make your claim a success.


Our solicitors are always…

– Acting in your best interests

– Helping you secure the largest amount of compensation possible

– Submit a compensation claim in ample time (your claim can become void if left too long)

– Happy to meet and discuss your case

We are by no means a small team of personal injury solicitors. Our team is 8 person strong meaning that we can always deal with more claims and cases.


Personal Injury & Accident Claims Solicitors in Nottingham

The process of making the claim

So you’ve been injured and are ready to make a claim. are ready to take your call right now. You have nothing to lose due to our no win no fee way of working.


Do I actually have a claim?

Firstly, this injury or harm inflicted on you needs to have happened within the last 3 years. Anything after 3 years and your claim might be void. There are some exceptions to the rule, but this is generally the case.

Three key points must be met in order to make a successful personal injury claim. There can be exceptions to the rule as per usual but these three points are:

– Whoever caused you harm owed you duty of care (for example, an employer)

– This duty of care was breached. The harmer acted out of their duty of care.

– The breach caused the harm you have suffered.


How do I make a claim?

Your first stage is to see if you have a claim worth making. The easiest to do this is is call us and tell us about your situation. We’ll have a good feel for how far your claim might go depending on what you tell us.

As we’re no win no fee, you won’t be charged for any call or advice you get from us. Give it a shot if you’ve sustained harm, we’d love to see if we can help out somehow.


Sit down with our team

If we do think you have reasonable grounds to make a claim, we’ll meet in person to go over your situation.

It’s important for our team to understand your case in order to decide if you have reasonable grounds to make a successful claim.

There’s no point for any of us to pursue a claim if there’s no compensation to be won.


Gather evidence

Next up is the gathering evidence stage. In order to mount a successful claim, we’ll need to gather as much evidence of the incident(s) as possible. At this stage we will be ordering records, gathering witnesses and speaking to professionals in the field at no cost to you in forming our claim.

This is one of the few stages we’ll need some assistance from you. We’ll require everything related to the scenario that you can conjure up.


Make the claim

Once we have sufficient data and evidence we will submit the claim.


Opposing decision

Once the opposing side has our claim, they will respond a to if they accept the charges or want to dispute and take the case to court.

It’s extremely rare we ask our clients to come to court as we like to take the legwork for them. However, if we think you appearing in court is going to maximise our chances of winning, we will let you know. Yet, these instances are rare.



The opposing side will either accept our claim and negotiate a fee with us or the court will resolve the claim. If the claim is taken to court, the judge will decide how much, if any, compensation should be awarded to our side.

If we do win the claim, the other side will pay for our legal fees. You will pay us a winning fee for our efforts in securing the most amount of compensation possible. And even if we don’t win, you aren’t liable for any payment to us.

So that’s the process. Just get in touch if you need no win no fee solicitors in Nottingham with a winning track record.


Need to Make a Personal Injury Claim in Nottingham?

What can you help me claim for?

We get all sorts of calls every day about different types of damages and injuries. The truth is, no two cases are identical, so we couldn’t possibly post a comprehensive list of damages you could have received.

However, we will post below some of our most common examples and cases that could have quite easily happened to you.


Road accidents

With hundreds of thousands of cars out on the road each day, it’s no surprise that accidents are happening all the time.

Whoever you were in the accident, the passenger, the car driver, motorcyclist, bicycle rider or pedestrian out in public, anyone can claim for a road incident.

You can claim for any damage inflicted as a result of the incident, no matter the size.

We’ll need relevant information for a road accident, like the number plates involved, names of people involved, insurance companies and so on. We will go over this with you when you get in touch.

Hopefully other sources like the police will have these if you don’t. This is all part of our evidence gathering process if you don’t have the relevant information (which we wouldn’t blame you for if you’ve been in a traumatic situation).


Workplace accidents

A lot of us spend most of our time at work. This makes it extremely likely we will suffer some sort of damage in our employment careers. It’s almost inevitable considering the vast amount of hours spent there each year.

Damage we come across normally involves machinery accidents, falling from heights, construction site accidents, industrial harm (disease, illness, loss of sense like deafness) and other general workplace accidents.


What should I do if I’ve experienced a workplace accident?

Tell someone at your work, preferably someone in charge like your manager.

This ensures there’s an official record of what has happened. Also try to get witness statements while it is fresh in their memory and get their contact details as we will probably need their help.


Public and private liability compensation claims

Public and private liability claims sound exactly as they are: you are making a claim because of damage occurred in someone else’s property or premises.

This could be anything from schools, shops, an office, carnivals, public transport, commercial properties, someone’s home and the list goes on and on.

If you’ve suffered harm at the expense of someone else or you’ve had an accident in a public or private setting, you might be able to make a compensation claim.

As long as it can be proven that someone acted negligently who had a duty of care for you, our no win no fee solicitors can make a case and win you compensation.


Medical negligence

Has your injury come as a result of a medical professional or in a professional medical setting?

Thousands of medical procedures are being carried out every single day so it’s no surprise that things go wrong.

The NHS make up for most of the medical services being carried out in this country. Naturally, loads of accidents occur through the NHS. We’ve dealt with loads of these cases and are certain we can help you too if your accident was through the national health service.


Some of the damages we often cover include are:

  • Broken limbs
  • Misdiagnosis/fail to diagnose
  • Dental negligence
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Cosmetic surgery accidents
  • Childbirth negligence
  • Surgical negligence.

The list goes on and on with medical negligence.


Come to us no matter the severity of the damage. As long as we can prove there was negligence and a breach in duty of care, you could have a case.


Physical, Sexual and Mental Abuse Compensation

Much like the other things you can claim for, these types of abuse have to come from someone who breached their duty of care. This could be from a family member, foster parent, guardian or someone in a position of power.

The amount of time that you can come forward for these types of claims can vary due to the nature of the damage.

We often find that clients that have dealt with these kinds of traumas find it the hardest opening up about what happened.

Our team of no win no fee solicitors makes sure to treat you with compassion as we have seen firsthand how difficult it is going through any of the three types of trauma.

No one deserves to be unjustly treated like that, especially by someone in a position of power over us. We love winning large amounts of compensation for clients like this that have suffered as a result of someone’s sadistic breach in duty of care.


Fatal injuries

If you’re been unlucky enough to have a family member pass away, you could be entitled to financial compensation depending on the situation.

We’ve worked with plenty of fatal negligence and accident cases so you can be sure we know how to win compensation if it is possible for your situation.

You could be entitled to funeral costs being covered, a dependency claim for you and your family as well as a bereavement claim

Whatever problems you’re facing right now, you need no win no fee solicitors working in partnership with you to win money you might be entitled to.

We’re based in Nottingham and are happy to help anyone in the Nottinghamshire area, so if you need personal injury solicitors or even some free advice reach out!


Personal injury solicitors working in Nottingham