Employment Law Nottingham

Employment law and accident/personal injury claims are our speciality here at PersonalInjuryClaims-Specialists.co.uk. Both areas of law overlap so much that it makes perfect sense for us to focus our efforts into these two types of law alone.

Plenty of law firms in Nottingham offer seemingly every law service. We wanted to niche down to just two types of law so that we could gain an edge when working through these problems for our clients.

We’re completely confident in our ability to make successful claims, provide excellent advice and guidance against your employers after doing it thousands of times between our team.

Getting employment law help

We know it can be hard trying to solve work problems alone.

Maybe you’re still at your place of work and you can’t find time to solve anything around your working and travelling hours. Understandable.

Maybe you don’t have any idea how to solve your problem. Also understandable.

It’s likely we will have solved a problem just like yours already. Our team will show you case studies of similar scenarios and the results we got for those clients too.

Going against your employer

What’s even harder is ‘going against’ your employer or someone you work with.

Our experience is massive in navigating the waters at work while facing all these problems and trying to solve them.

We will help you to achieve your goals with the reason you’re coming to us.

Your goals could be:

– Solve a problem without getting fired/causing a fuss

– Stop a person at work harassing you

– Helping with contract negotiations

– Seeing if your employer was legally rightful in dismissing you / making you redundant.

These are just general examples. Our solicitors will be able to help you with every area related to your employment and the law that intertwines with your problem.

Get help

To get help from our team of personal injury solicitor team in Nottingham, simply request a call back and we’ll be in touch. We will try to solve any problems we can over the phone. Naturally, most of the time, we’ll need to speak further in person to see what sort of support you need from us depending on your situation.

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