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Here at PersonalInjuryClaims-Specialists.co.uk we  have a highly acclaimed team of employment law solicitors at your disposal.

Our base is in the centre of Nottingham, making it easy to access for Nottingham and Nottinghamshire residents.

Our team is 8 people strong. As we are heavily involved in the personal injury space, this often crosses over to the purely employment law sides of things. These are our two main knowledge bases when it comes to law: personal injury and employment law.

The other thing we’re specialists at is results. When it comes to claims, we have a high winning ratio and still undertake a respectable amount of claims each month. We don’t simply cherry pick 100% certain jobs – these don’t really exist anyway.

Can you help with my problem?

No matter what your problem is, we will be able to offer the support and guidance you need to resolve your problem.

With the law always changing, you’re going to need a team that is working with employment law 5 days a week like we are.

We’re dealing with problems just like yours every week so we’re well informed on everything going on within employment law. For example:

Redundancy: Redundancy is part of working life. But did your employer make you redundant legally? Do you think you are eligible for compensation? You certainly could be.

Contract breaches: Has your employer breached your previously agreed contract? Speak to us and we will be able to pinpoint how the contract has been broken and what steps to take next.

Dismissal: Been dismissed from work unfairly? Has your employer tried to get you dismissed? You probably have a case in either of these instances to make a claim if you were wrongly treated.

Bullying, harassment and discrimination: Been subject to bullying, harassment or discrimination in the work place? You definitely don’t have to stand for this. We can help you with the advice you need in order to get your problem completely resolved.

These were just general examples of some of the scenarios we’re helping people with on a daily basis.

Don’t fret if your problem is not listed above, there are hundreds of other problems you might be facing at work that we can help you with.

Get your free consultation

To speak with our team about employment law and your options, start by calling us. We can begin to give you free advice on the problem you’re facing over the phone. If you do require our services, we can arrange a free consultation for you to come and speak to one of our solicitors about your problem and the best way of solving it.

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