No Win No Fee Employment Solicitors In Nottingham

Our team of no win no fee solicitors are based in our Nottingham office. Our track record in Nottingham has been excellent – we’re winning employment cases every month.

Experience in employment claims

Our experience in employment claims spans over 50 years between our 8 man team of solicitors. We’ve helped people win compensation amounts into the six figure ranges and really helped the community.

We aren’t a mercenary company and want to actually try and get justice for people who have been mistreated at their place of work. When trying to make a claim for hundreds of thousands of pounds, you’ll struggle to do it yourself.

That’s where we step in. Our take care of it for you attitude saves you all the hassle involved in trying to put together a convincing, persuasive case to get the money you deserve.

We’ve navigated these waters countless times and have in depth experience working with companies and corporations. You’ll need our support if you’re to mount a successful compensation campaign against an establishment larger than yourself. Naturally, they are going to deploy a legal team that will do their best to distort our efforts in getting what you deserve.

Thankfully, we’ve also dealt with endless opposing legal teams and feel our team’s daily dedication gives us the edge in these tense situations. Whether it’s in court, gathering clear evidence or during the negotiation phase, we’ve mastered what it takes to put together compensation claims that WIN!

To prove our commitment…

We work on a no win no fee basis. Don’’t expect to pay us anything until we’ve won your case for you and got what you needed.

If we fail to win your case (this is less rather than more of the time with cases we take up), you won’t be liable to pay us anything. We will take the loss for our time. We’re no win no fee employment solicitors that want to get you results and certainly don’t want to lose money ourselves. We’ll do our utmost to win your case if we think it is worth pursuing.

There probably wouldn’t be a harder time to commit to paying a private solicitor their high fees than when you’re having problems at work. This is what makes no win no fee so beneficial. Don’t be out of pocket and get our maximum effort in winning you money!

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