No Win No Fee Employment Solicitors Leicester

Leicester is our third most popular location for helping clients out with their no win no fee employment problems. No one has paid us a penny from Leicester without winning some sort of compensation first. We simply took a small percentage of what we earned for them.

I’m not confident I can claim

Plenty of clients say this when they come from Leicester and have been recommended to come to us. We’re happy to help if you’re based in either of these locations. However, if you are on the outside of Leicestershire and require a closer team, we also have a friendly team of no win no fee employment solicitors in derby.

In terms of being able to claim against your unique problem – there’s no harm giving us a call through the number at the top of the page to check. We’ll give you free advice on your problem and whether or not it’s worth pursuing a claim.

What can I actually claim for?

Every situation is unique. However, similar instances reoccur every month. We have more potential problems you might claim for on our no win no fee derby page if you can’t see your problem below.

Dismissal: Think you’ve been unlawfully dismissed? You might well have a case. We’ll examine your contract to see if you’ve been wrongfully dismissed and can claim compensation for a breach of contract.

Discrimination: Has anyone treated you wrongly due to your race, sexuality, disability, gender and so on? If so, there could be a good chance you’re owed compensation due make up for the damages you have incurred.

Contracts: Trying to make sense of a contract with your employer? This can be really tough if you don’t have knowledge on employment law. We can pair you with one of our no win no fee solicitors to get you the information you need to form a sound contract.

Restrictive legislation: restrictive legislation, (or restrictive covenants) are clauses in your contract which stop you from taking your company’s old clients or other stipulations. We can help you challenge these clauses.

These are just some examples of problems we’re facing each week.

Although a lot of similar situations arise, there’s always one or two each month that seem to be totally unique.

This has helped us pick up experience in winning rare claim scenarios, which is a skill in itself. Personal injury solicitors, Leicester or Nottingham. Our base is in Nottingham but we cover the whole of the East Midlands.

Seriously, if you’re having ANY problems at work that are causing you pain and suffering – get in touch, we can probably help!

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