No Win No Fee

Suffered as a result of another person? Suffered due to an accident? You might be entitled to a no win no fee claim.

Why no win no fee?

No win no fee is a way of getting in partnership with our team. We are your partners in the claim. Hiring a claims team, aka private solicitors, would be extremely costly and a lot of people can’t afford these services.

Going down the no win no fee route creates an affordable solution to make your claim. We’ll never cost you a penny and will go for the maximum compensation you’re entitled to for the damage you’ve suffered.

Can I claim?

The easiest way to find out if you can claim is by calling our helpful team who will be able to determine if you have a case worth pursuing. If we think you do, you can either come into our accident and advice centre or we can meet in a place more convenient for you.

Should I just use an online calculator?

There’s no need to use an online claim calculator. Companies offering this have no way of really knowing what your situation is without a good amount of information on your injury. Speak to our team and if you have a case, you’ll be speaking to no win no fee solicitors quickly!

Get in touch if you need personal injury solicitors in Nottingham for your no win no fee legal support today.

The injury has happened to my child. Can we claim?

Certainly. Anyone under the age of 18 can’t claim themselves, so a parent, legal guardian or litigation friend can make the claim for them.

The compensation will be withheld until your child turns 18 (that is unless it is deemed your child requires the money sooner).

If you suffered damage as a child, you have the usual 3 year window to make a claim starting from the age of 18. This means you have until you turn 21 to make a claim.

How do you make money in no win no fee claims?

No win no fee isn’t a scam by any means. It’s a way of having no costs at all and getting the money you deserve (just call to see if you DO deserve money!)

If we win the case: the losing side will pay for all of our legal fees. You will pay use percentage of the compensation we win for you. This is all you have to pay us, nothing more nothing less. You don’t need any more surprises.

If we lose the case: you don’t have to pay us anything – this is the very nature of our no win no fee solicitors service.

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