No Win No Fee Solicitors Derby

The second location that our no win no fee solicitors help people with their accidents and injuries is Derby and Derbyshire. With a population of roughly 250,000, plenty of people call us from Derby.

Is no win no fee best for me?

In our experience, no win no fee is certainly the best bet for most of our clients. Occasionally people express that they want to pay for our services up front and we can agree to this in some scenarios.

However, no win no fee is your best bet if you don’t have lots of disposable income to pay for our lawyering hours. They will be plentiful to create a strong case, gather the correct evidence, negotiate with the other solicitors, potentially appear in court and so on. We’re happy to do this legwork for you.

No Win No Fee Solicitors in Derby With a Personal Touch

Although our team of solicitors usually sits at around 8, this could have changed by the time you get in touch with us. When working with, you’ll mostly work with one of our solicitors that has the most experience with your problem.

Occasionally other solicitors might become involved if their skills overlap your case, but you can simply expect to deal with one solicitor throughout your case for your ease.

Everything discussed upfront

Working on a no win no fee basis requires a discussion before we start to agree on terms of the deal. Everything will be discussed before the claim begins and both parties are happy with the deal moving forward.

Once an agreement has been reached between us, everything will be summarised in an easy to read legal contract. There won’t be any unnecessary solicitors jargon.

Just get in touch if you need no win no fee solicitors Nottingham or in Derby. These are some of the main areas we cover.

But how are you paid?

As we are your partners in this claim, our fee comes through winning the compensation for you. As described above, we will work out a percentage that works for both parties before we begin the claim.

The other solicitors will pay for our fees if we win the compensation.

If we lose the claim, you are not liable to any fees other than if you win.

If we lose, you still don’t have to foot any of the bill. No win no fee at its best, so if you need a solicitor in Derby or Derbyshire get in contact today.

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